14 Most Fascinating Castles in Europe

There are so many breathtaking castles around the world and it’s very hard to make a list of the top 14. Here’s one possibility for such a list with 14 amazing castles. Plan a Trip Around These Castles

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, UK

Perched atop Castle Hill, it dominates the city of Edinburgh. It is one of the few castles in Europe which still have a military garrison (although for ceremonial purposes only). No matter where you are in the castle, the views are delightful. On a clear day, if you look to the north, you can see the mountains of The Kingdom of Fife in the distance.

The true beauty of the castle is highlighted during Military Tattoo, which takes place each year on the Esplanade. The oldest structure in the castle is St Margaret’s Chapel which dates from the 12th century.

Edinburgh is served by many low-cost carriers from different European cities.

Château de Chenonceau, France

The castle is built on river Cher, offering one of the most beautiful sights as it reflects in the water. Nicknamed “Château des Dames,” it owes much of its charm to several influential ladies in French history. The surrounding gardens and the castle itself aren’t the only beautiful things to admire here. Within the castle, there are impressive collections of Renaissance furniture, tapestries and many masterpieces.

The castle is located in the small city of Chenonceaux. To get there you first need to arrive in Paris and then catch a local train or bus to Chenonceaux.

Eltz castle, Germany

What adds more beauty to the Eltz Castle from others is its formation. The castle is built on a huge rock in the middle of the forest. The medieval architecture is so unique that attracts the tourists here. Besides that, its armory, gold, silver and porcelain jewelry is also another reason why people want to visit this castle.

Lichtenstein castle, Germany

This is one of the smallest castles in Germany and is definitely worth checking out. It has a very typical castle look. The tour takes almost 30 minutes where the castle authorities do give you an English tour if you need it.

Ashford Castle, Cong, Ireland

If you are after a sumptuous vacation in an incredible place, Ashford Castle should be your destination. The imposing interiors blend nicely with the majestic entrances, creating a unique atmosphere. The spacious rooms are elegant, offering the guests a taste of what nobility experienced hundreds of years ago.

Built in 1228, the castle is very well preserved to retain its centuries old beauty. The guests can choose between numerous activities, including falconry, horseback riding and hunting.

The castle is located at only 30 min from Galway City and 90 min from Shannon Airport.

Swallow’s Nest Castle, Gaspra, Ukraine

Built on the very edge of the cliff, the Swallow’s Nest Castle looks like it could slide right into the black sea easily. The castle however is very small but it is probably the location that makes the castle very interesting and a must watch

Corvinilor Castle,Transylvania, Romania

One of the most beautiful castles of Transylvania, the Corvin Castle (also known as the Hunyadi Castle) dominates the city of Hunedoara with its incredible Gothic culture. The unique part about this castle is the various architectural styles that you get to see on the tour.

Miramare Castle, Trieste, Italy

The beautiful castle was built in the 19th century. The grounds include a cliff and seashore park which gives the castle its beautiful and romantic look. The entire grounds were completely re-landscaped to accommodate the numerous tropical plans and trees, which are now overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

The castle located in the Trieste region was finished in 1860 and the eclectic style dominates the entire building. Currently, the castle houses a museum. The original furnishings, ornaments and furniture still can be admired in the castle’s rooms.

The easiest way to get to the castle is by train (Miramare station). If you come by car, take the A4 Motorway in the direction of “Trieste centro”.

Prague Castle, Prague, Czech Republic

The largest castle in the world is also one of the most beautiful in Central-Eastern Europe. Prague Castle started its life in the 9th century with a church. Centuries later a Romanesque palace was erected here and in the 14th century the royal palace was rebuilt in Gothic style. After a big fire which destroyed much of the castle in the 16th century, it has been renovated and some buildings in renaissance style appeared.

The largest castle in the world is also one of the most beautiful in Central-Eastern Europe. “


Today the castle houses several museums and important buildings. Most of it is open to the public. To properly explore the place (without visiting the museums) you will need about half a day.Prague can be easily reached either by plane or by train.

Peles Castle, Sinaia, Romania

Considered by many one of the most beautiful castles in Eastern Europe, Peles Castle is the pride of Sinaia, a mountain town located close to Brasov, Romania. Although the castle combines elements of several architectural styles, the German Renaissance one dominates the building and contributes to its stunning beauty. Currently a museum, Peles Castle boasts 160 rooms, out of which the Big Armory Room and the Reception Room are among the most interesting.

Almost adjacent to Peles, we can find Pelisor and Foisor, two smaller castle-like buildings, which are also museums (and can be visited). The domain belongs to the Romanian Royal Family.

To get to Peles Castle from Bucharest, you need to take DN1 to Brasov. Alternatively, you can take a train from Bucharest and get off in Sinaia. Once in the town, take the road which leads up from the railroad station. It takes you directly to the Castle.

Burg Hohenwerfen, Salzburg, Austria

Located high above the Salzach Valley, between the Tennen and Hagen mountains and at just 40 km from Salzburg, the castle fits perfectly the description of a fairy tale place. The former fortification was built in the 11th century but to secure the area, three castles were later extended, including this one.

The Hohenwerfen is today an interesting adventure castle for its visitors. There’s a romantic tavern to explore, an interesting weapons chamber to discover and the historic Falconry Center with daily flight demonstrations.

In case this looks really familiar, you should know that the castle appears in the background of The Sound of Music during “Do Re Mi”.

Since the castle is so close to Salzburg, you can either catch a flight into the city or arrive by train. Then you can rent a car and drive to the castle.

Palace of Pena, Sintra , Portugal

The oldest palace inspired by European Romanticism stands on top of a hill overlooking the city of Sintra. Its history started in the Middle Ages when a chapel was built on the very same hilltop. Later, a monastery was built but, by the 18th century it was reduced to ruins because of a lightning and an earthquake. The place remained in ruins for decades until 1838 when Ferdinand II bought the area and decided to build a palace.

The palace is a true expression of the European Romanticism, mixing several styles: Neo-Gothic, Islamic and Neo-Renaissance. The beautiful park which surrounds the castle comprises exotic plants and trees.

The easiest way to get to Sintra is by taking the train from Lisbon. The small city can easily be negotiated on foot.

Alcázar of Segovia, Segovia, Spain

The Alcázar of Segovia is perched atop a rock in the old city of Segovia. Just like many other Spanish castles, it started off as an Arab fort. During the Middle Ages it was the preferred residence of the monarchs. The current castle dates mostly from those times.

Today the castle is one of the three major attractions in the city and one of the most popular historic sites in the country.

The easiest way to get to Segovia is via train from Madrid. The Old City, which also includes the ancient Roman aqueduct and the cathedral, can easily be negotiated on foot.

Vajdahunyad Castle, Budapest, Hungary

Vajdahunyad Castle is actually (in part) a copy of the Castle with the same name located in Hunedoara (Transylvania, Romania). The one in Budapest started its life in cardboard at the millennial exhibition in 1896. It was so popular with the locals that it was decided to build it from stone and brick. You can find it right by Heroes’ Square.

A Gothic gate leads to the courtyard. Inside, there is a beautiful chapel – where newlyweds love to take their wedding photos – which is flanked by two pseudo-medieval ambulatory with a corner turret. Among the other replicas, there’s also a copy of the castle-tower from Sighisoara Citadel (Romania). Also in the courtyard, we can find the statue of the Anonymus. It is believed that touching its pen brings luck.

Budapest is served by many low-cost carriers so getting to Hungary’s capital is very easy and cheap. Once here, take the metro or the bus to Heroes’ Square. As you stand facing the column, the Castle is in front of you, a little to the right.


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